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>Phoenix Rising


          So I know I haven’t posted in forever. Well I just can’t. Staying at my mom’s tonight and deciding to make a post. Maybe just tell you guys what I’ve been doing.

          So what have I been doing? Not much really. Watching anime mostly. My External HDD broke a month after I moved so I was without anime for a good 2 months after my move. But I sent the HD in to exchange it for a new one. I actually did get through a lot of my shows, so there was no worries about losing it, and I put all I was going to watch on MAL so I could just get what I missed. Anime isn’t the only thing I’ve been watching. I have been watching some great shows on cable. My favorite would be Smallville. It’s the last season and yes, when the complete Blu-Ray edition comes out I will be buying it. A new show that has Started that is really good is No Ordinary Family on ABC. It is a personal recommendation from me. I am also a Pro Wrestling nut and watch both WWE and TNA. I will say that finally The Miz has the belt and I hope they let him keep it a while. Other than these things, I have not been doing much, This is a big town with nothing to do. Well that is about all from me. I know I didn’t say much, but I’ve said enough. Hope you enjoy my post.