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>Muzic’s Thoughts on Yumekui Merry


I like a good anime series like the next guy and I happen to like ones that bring new ideas to the table or to take old ideas and make them FAR BETTER than the others. This one happens to take the idea of characters in dreams to come into reality and thus causes a bit of a mass mayhem in all sorts of ways. (No not in making random shit appear or flying around).

This story is based around 2 characters and more come barreling through like there’s no tomorrow but that would leave this open to spoilers like you couldn’t believe since how short this was (12episodes) and how packed it was full of story. But we have the main guy/leader,  Yumeji Fujiwara, who is just an average highschooler but wait! He has a special ability tossed in right away with no clue as to why in the world he has it, but it is to somewhat predict the dreams of other people but the colors he sees in the….. odd.. And the other is Merry Nightmare which then shortly drops Nightmare and just goes by Merry for the rest of the series… FINE DONT HAVE A LAST NAME THEN. As you can probably guess by before as I was mentioning is that Merry is the dream character (OH WHO WOULDNT HAVE GUESSED BY THE NAME NIGHTMARE). But she got to reality on accident and tries to get back  but cant.

Now this is all fine and dandy but I found the series to be lacking in only 12 episodes and the introduction of characters that you see once….. ok maybe twice the whole time and just gets ignored at the end of the series! (Season2 anyone) But you cant just leave it open like in Half Life 2 Episode 2 when you are captured and BAM you get smacked in the face with ending credits and you only feel compelled to sit there and watch through it to see if MAYBE THERES MORE but then slams you with the menu screen and no word as to when the next episode is coming out for several years…….

When I was watching this series I also felt that at times I wanted to call out several different anime styles that were in the series and being how lazy I am I didn’t take the liberty of looking into seeing what studio made this work of interesting pile of something (not crap or trash) but a part of me yells “ARE THESE THE SAME GUYS THAT DID INDEX?” But there were other times that made me say noooo it’s not. Dont get me wrong but the art style was good and had a bit of a consistent flow….Wait… Did merry just jump into the room with some strange pose for no reason? COME ON! Merry moves about in a very interesting manner and seems to also defy the laws of…. science I guess… by appearing where ever she wants. Now if I was Yumeji I would have probably crapped my pants and said “WHERE WERE YOU?!?!” I guess she’s just a professional stalker who can appear on the other side of town and appear next to him in a blink of an eye at times….Probably so according to the last couple of episodes.

Now I know that this has been long winded and like a few walls but overall I have to say I give this 7/10, all depends on if the decide to make a 2nd season.

Expect me to give my thoughts on the reair of Haruhi (Yes Im still catching up)


>Kekkaishi [Anime Ended/Manga Ongoing]


This Manga, Kekkaishi is about a Junior High Student called Yoshimori Sumimura, and is known as a “Kekkaishi”; Demon-Hunters that excel in creating barriers around the demons, then destroying, or capturing them. At Night, Yoshimori has to take on his task as a Kekkaishi defeat/exterminate those demons crowding around his school. During the day, he has his own demons to battle, which is his grumpy grandfather and his addiction to sweets. His neighbour, and childhood friend Tokine Yukimura, which is another practitioner of the way of the Kekkai. Their two families are battling over who are the true practitioners.
Alright, being honest here, I know myself that this summary isn’t as captivating as the others, however I simply can’t think of any other way to summarize it due to the spoiler issues, and I dislike spoiling other people before they even start reading/watching the manga/anime.

Anyway, forgetting that, this manga, Kekkaishi, has actually been a consistent manga all through out, where they progress in the story with the same kind of feeling all over, however when they reach to the rising action towards the climax, it is extremely interesting, to the extent that i couldn’t stop reading until I finished that ark (i think it was almost 4 in the mourning =x. NOTE: Don’t follow my example!) It is also very interesting due to the facts that they don’t all stay the same from each battle, as in most common battle mangas, and they do not have cliche things like you would expect in a typical battle manga (ARGH I CAN’T SPOIL AGAIN!)

I personally rate this manga 9.5/10 due to the fact that if there is any romance in this, it has been quite subtle and didn’t really give me the full feeling as to what I have expected from a battle manga like this. Other than the subtle romance that is in this, I definitely recommend you guys check it out, and if it weren’t for the romance problem I would have probably left it as 10/10, oh well. This manga has a 51 anime series if you wanted to know, and the manga is still ongoing, and yes I am following it for those who wanted to know 🙂

>Deadman Wonderland [Ongoing Manga/ Anime coming out this season]


Deadman Wonderland is a manga that is about a boy called Ganta, one day all of his classmates are killed with him being the sole survivor. Suspicious enough as it is, since he is the sole survivor he is convicted of the crime of murdering all his classmates, thus sentenced to the bizarre prison known as ‘Deadman Wonderland’. In this prison, the prisoners are set out to fight for survival, while this happens Ganta needs to find out the identity of the murderer that murdered his classmates. Will Ganta be able to survive in this prison..? Or will he succumb to the prisons methods?

If you guys wanted to know, if i’m not wrong, this anime is airing on the 17th of April,  i’m not sure who is going to sub it yet, however I honestly recommend you guys to check out the manga or just follow the manga, it is really intense and traps you in it’s pace.

Alright, down to the real stuff, this manga is so action packed and filled with twists to the point that I actually really lose track of time, and actually get excited to continue reading about what happens next, especially since how the events turn out in this manga ( I can’t say what I really want to say since it would be spoilers boohoo ).

My rating of this manga would be 10/10 because of its continuous plot twisting events, and also battles that are so dramatic and action packed that it kind of sucks me into it, and I can’t seem to be able to stop reading until I read it to the latest chapter or till the end of the battle. This manga is also very intriguing in the way that I have not seen many manga up till now about a boy that is convicted for a murder and looks for survival or something close to this, this uniqueness I should say dragged me in, and perhaps maybe you guys too. I definitely hope you guys either pick up the anime and follow it since it’s coming out soon, or just have a read of the first few chapters of the manga and see if you like it.

>Infinite Stratos Episode 9: Oceans Eleven


I have nothing constructive to say about this episode despite the two-week delay. At first glance it may seem like a fanservice episode, but in reality, it really is just a fanservice episode.

Laura was fairly cute in this episode, although I’m not sure how I should react with her sudden personality shift.

Chifuyu-sama was epic win this episode, if I might add. I made sure to get as much screens of her in her mizugi so I (and you) may use it as an educational reference material at some point later on. I would’ve also LOVED to see more of Houki in her mizugi, but alas, the only appearance she made in this episode were at the beginning and at the very end.

>Infinite Stratos Episode 8: Find Out My Mind


Houki: 0 | Cecilia: 0 | Rin: 0 | Charlotte: 0 | Laura: 1

Best episode to appear so far for the series, or at least in my honest opinion. Lots of action, little drama down-time, and the most appealing of all, converting another gal to the harem keikaku. Now, unlike TLRD, Momo isn’t here to coordinate and execute, or rather, there’s no such character who’s taking that role. However, if things just work themselves out and the ending comes to a nice, beautiful and clean canvas, then who needs such a character ploy. Eh, Ichika? Atta’ boy. You go get ’em ladies without doing or knowing anything.

Since I’ve already set-up a draft of the evaluation from my previous post, I intend to continue with the same style and layout. A discussion of the occurrences in this episode is a must, because the story does get progressive even for just a tiny amount of time. I’m not going to go into great length and detail about every second of the episode, because that’s simply bad style. However, I will point out the personal extremes that I noticed after seeing this installment.

Laura, the latest girl that fell victim (although technically it’s really the opposite…) to the harem because of Ichika’s godly charm and cunningness, is pretty much the ultimate focus of this episode. We get to see her upbringing and what kind of lifestyle she had been surrounded been for the most part, and if not her entire life. She was ultimately brought up to function as a weapon (few other titles ring a bell?), and her entirety was comprised of being the best in the field of combat. This changed suddenly, however, because of the introduction of the IS system by none other than everyone’s idol, Shinonono Tabane. This caused a great deal of friction on her well-being; enough to distance her pride as the ace in combat from her actual ability to operate the machine.

Her left eye has been implanted with (a) nano-machine(s) to further increase her compatibility with the IS, but the desired results, I’m assuming, have been far from the expected. Chifuyu-sama (I love you!) then came along, and trained Laura, as well as her platoon, to be awesome again. Stuff follows, and here we are back to the present time.

The other point I wanted to make was how awesome Houki’s reactions (as always) were this episode. For lack of better simple adjectives to use, I will let you decide instead how to describe her funny scenes. I could write about her role in the match during the early minutes, but that’s probably better off watched than narrated or written about, so I won’t put any detail on it.

Note: Win and awesome are coined, so you can’t use those.

Lastly, for Charle’s/Charlotte’s/Char’s fans, rejoice! Your gal made her move! Obligatory fan service shot can be found among the several pictures below.

>Nurarihyon no Mago [Anime/Manga] Review


Nurarihyon no Mago, is a manga, about a boy, called Nura Rikuo. He is a quarter demon (yokai) and half human, Rikuo has the ability to change into his demon form only after the sun has set, this is because he is a quarter demon. He lives in a house filled with spirits,demons along with his grandfather. He tries desperately to escape from his duties as a demon, and trying not to fulfill the duties his grandfather wanted to place upon him, which is taking over the Nura clan.

However, Rikuo is a different type of demon, not only because he is a quarter demon, but the fact that he helps humans. Eventually he had come to accepting his demon blood, thus taking up the title of Young head of the Nura clan. Now Rikuo has to gather his Hyakki Yakko (Night parade of One hundred demons) to follow him, as he defends the Nura clan from various attacks from different clans.
Alright, This manga was originally a oneshot, incase you guys may have strolled across something similar to the synopsis stated above. This manga has incredible artwork, and you can see a bit of the details put into the artwork from the picture above. The plot is quite intense, but at the same time they give you time to breath, before they dive into another arc.

The arcs in this story are full of events, all linked up, leaving each chapter to have a cliff-hanging ending before the end of the arc. The anime, which follows the manga has a few parts that are a filler, but mostly following the manga. The anime only shows up to chapter 1 all the way till chapter 47, i’m not completely sure if it follows the manga 100%, but the plot is followed.

If you guys are reluctant to read it, try watching the anime, the first few episodes, and if you like it you should continue all the way, and if you want more, you can begin reading the manga at chapter 47 after you finish the anime. But if in any case you do forget the story you could always reread from the start :).

My rating : 10/10 The plot of this story is really interesting, to the point when i began reading i was thoroughly engrossed and could read for about an hour or two before realizing how much time had past. The artwork is incredibly detailed to a certain point, which makes things clearer, as the demons have to have some kind of thing that differentiates them from the humans. Lastly, the artwork had to be very accurate, to not make the pages confusing especially if a demon uses their skills/powers, which could make the reader confused, but does not occur through the manga nor anime. I definitely would say you have a read at this, no matter what your preferences are, because i feel that this is a general manga/anime people would enjoy, especially if they like Action genre anime/mangas