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>Rotoscoped II – Wallace’s Death


So this is my new creation. Rotoscoped a scene from The Wire. Bodie and Poot kill their boy Wallace for snitching.

Took me way longer than I expected it to.. But I sort of burned out on it too. It’s 150 frames (I did 147, then recycled the last 3 over). I can’t seem to find the source on Youtube, so I guess I won’t post that.. But the scene is from season 1, ep 12. It’s actually a pretty long scene, and there’s a lot of back and forth between Bodie and Wallace. I cut most of that out though, just to shorten it (plus portraying them as talking is pretty difficult).. Originally I wanted to do a scene with Omar, but there’s a lot of angle changing in most of the shoot out scenes (plus they’re dark), so it’d be hard to do in a purely black line format.. I’m satisfied with this though, I like how it turned out.