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>A More Realistic Status Update


As you know, I talk big about posting stuff, but then never get around to it. I am a procrastinator by nature. So I thought this time instead of giving an update about what I wanna do, I am going to give you a REALISTIC update. 
Strike out means it is dropped and probably wont be finished unless I get bored or something.
Bold means its what I am working on it at the moment and will be done soon. 
Italicized means its kind of in the stall area. 
Normal font means that I wanna do it, but it isn’t high on my priority list. 
And Yes I promise that this will be the last filler and my next post will be something meaningful…

Top Priority>>Valkyria Chronicles II Review
Soul Eater Dub Review
Higurashi Dub Review
Trauma Team Review
Agarest War Review
Izuna 2 Review
Project Diva 2 Review
Atv’s Art Gallery 01
Lets talk about gamestop
Kanon 2006 Dub Review

Anything you see in bold will be out this week (Before next Sunday)