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>One of My Favorite Clips

>    Otaku Supreme told me he was downloading Strawberry Panic and I was suddenly reminded of one of my favorite clips ever. It takes place in episode 5 where the new girls are picking their clothes up and getting assigned rooms and one of the girls suddenly does a face plant onto the desk. When I first saw this, I watched it over and over just because it’s such a funny scene. Enjoy~


>Atvrcr’s Top Ten Anime OP’s (10 – 6)

>Yeah I was late but I’ll save the story for another time >.>
Anyways here’s 10-6 (hopefully I wont kick my self for the order they are in later)

10.Strawberry Panic OP 2

9.Shuffle OP

8.Kurokami OP 2

Kurokami: The Animation OP 2,t=1,mt=video
Justin Poindexter | MySpace Video

7.Moon Phase OP


Pick which opening you liked best!~