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>Subete ni Iya Girl Review


Subete ni Iya Girl! Take a look at the cover. Are you scared away because of the art? Hopefully you’re not like that. It’s a bad habit that I admit I have myself. But that’s beside the point! Look at the cover! Yes, that’s an arrow in that girl’s head. Nope, it’s not fake. This is what drew me in in the first place. If not for the arrow, I probably would’ve walked away. But I sure am glad I didn’t.

    This is a great manga and there are some things I really loved about it. It can be serious at times when it needs to be serious. And yet when it’s meant to be funny you may catch yourself laughing out loud. Each chapter is relatively short so you really feel like you get a lot done when you start flying through chapters; but don’t worry, there’s no shortage of content. Subete ni Iya Girl is 86 chapters long.

The characters, huh? Yeah. This manga doesn’t have the greatest art, but I don’t really think the art was meant to look perfect. The drawing style fits perfectly to the atmosphere of the manga. Nearly all of the characters besides the select few main characters are drawn in really extreme ways. And when I say extreme, I mean… ugly? I guess… But not really ugly because it can be quite funny. I really like the quirkiness of the drawings to be honest. I can still picture Asumi’s squinting face in my head. And it’s making me smile O__O.

A lot of the stories in Subete ni Iya Girl are based on situational comedy. One character will be under the impression that the other is talking about something totally different than what they’re actually talking about. And the author always makes sure to put in thought bubbles that give us direct insight as to what each character is thinking when things are said; it’s a really great way to get some laughs flowing.

In conclusion, Subete ni Iya Girl is one of those manga that you totally expect to just be boring but actually turns out to be a masterpiece that you’ll want to re-read as soon as you finish it. The 8 page chapters are awesome for quick reads. The characters are hilarious. And for those of you looking for plot, there is some in there! And the ending is really great.

My Rating: 10/ 10

No doubt. Ten out of ten. I was really addicted to this while reading it. If you’re on the fence about whether you want to read it or not and are thinking about doing one of those “I’ll try one chapter and decide if I’ll follow through” things then you’ve got to go straight to chapter 37. It was one of the funniest chapters. So, everyone get out there and start reading Subete ni Iya Girl right now!