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>Atvrcr’s Quick Picks.

>Every so often I will post a few random things that I think you may enjoy if you haven’t already seen them. 😀


Special A – This is a nice lil anime that is guaranteed to make you laugh. Hikari is so damn awesome, enough said. It ran for 24 episodes and is from the 2008? season.

Mnemosyne – A good show, that is has everything you could want from an anime: Mystery, Action, and Yuri fuckwin and that’s a fact.

Kodomo no Omocha (Kodocha) – An older series from 1997. It has to be one of the funniest anime ever. Sana is the best. Episodes 1-52 are available from Funi, although the second half of the series is not.

Super Gals! – Greatness from 2004, this anime is zany, hilarious, and heartwarming. It consists of 52 episodes, you must watch, that’s an ironclad rule!!!


Shugo Chara – Many have watched the anime, but have yet to read the manga. This manga is infinitely times better, it does not consist of all the filler that was in the anime, and you will not get a shitty anime only ending.

Pastel – While this may not be the most original manga ever, it is definitely funny and cute.

Spiral – Some may have a bad taste in their mouth for this series if they ever watched the anime. Well forget about that autracity and pick up this manga, it is so so so much better and deserves to be read. It has a sub par plot in the grand scheme of things but it is so damn awesome with it’s mysteries and deductive reasoning. Not to mention the characters are all awesome and mesh well together. It will leave you in suspense and will make you laugh at the same time.


BlazBlue – The best 2D fighter on the market, this thing will leave you in awe.

Lunar Silver Star Story/Harmony – This is a classic! THe story is decent, the characters are great. This may not seem like the game that will make you think it’s going to be amazing, but when you are finished you will be like damn…that was epic.