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>Tantei Opera Milky Holmes – 08


    In episode 08, Sheryl, Cordelia, Nero, and Tamaboko have all caught a cold! This has happened because Kokoro-chan gave them false methods for them to get their Toys back; All of the methods involved something cold, thus leading to the illnesses. Henriette-sama ends up taking care of the girls throughout the night. When morning arrives, the girls are all cured, but Henriette is now the one who is sick. After an incredibly drawn out collapse scene(XD), the girls take Henrietta to her room and plan to take care of her.

    Henriette-sama ends up taking care of the girls throughout the night. When morning arrives, the girls are all cured, but Henriette is now the one who is sick. After an incredibly drawn out collapse scene(XD), the girls take Henrietta to her room and plan to take care of her.

    While caring for Henriette-sama, the girls decide to change her out of her sweaty pajamas! Ironically, the clothes Herc picks for Henriette to change into are the clothes she wears when she is in Phantom Thief mode!

    But seriously, don’t they notice the similaities?! Cosplay, really? “High Quality”…

    Later on, Sheryl takes her time to remember the ingredients to a ‘soup’ that will supposedly cure Henriette. The soup makes Henriette’s powers go berserk and causes everyone to be transported into some strange world with a nonsense plot which was very funny.

    Also, I’m pretty sure that this pic shows some Anyamaru Tantei Kiruminzuu cosplay going on. And I should know, since I’m subbing the show. Haha.

    A fun episode, but not my favorite. Although I did enjoy the Kirumin reference though.

>Tantei Opera Milky Holmes – 07


    I’ve got to say, I’m starting to fall in love with Nero. Her love of sweets, tomboyish demeanor, and awesomeness is winning me over. Plus, she had the best looking swimsuit. But Cordelia’s insanity is still in 1st place for me.
    In this episode, the girls venture to the home of the Baskervilles where they hope to learn vital information about a certain way they may be able to retrieve their Toys.

    Coincidentally, Arsene-sama and her group is also there trying to steal the treasures of the Baskervilles. Once they see the Milky Holmes team, Arsene puts on her mizugi and lounges about the beach with everyone. Oh yes, G4 showed up too.
   The girls go into the ocean in search of some food. Nero tries fishing, but all of the things she catches seems to get stolen by birds. Cordelia and Herc both get trapped underwater, and we see a fun shot of Cordelia drowning which made me grin. Sheryl stays on the beach to collect mussels or something like that.

    The girls enter a cave once it starts to rain, and Cordelia flips out because it’s dark! Unfortunately she is knocked unconscious by G4’s Hirano…

    Later, Cordelia starts having delusions. But she is once again knocked unconscious.

     But she does strip, and then she strips Herc as well!! Without Cordelia’s delusions, this show would be lost.

    In the end, Nero momentarily regains her Toys to save many lives and they all end up in a hot spring scenario with Cordelia feasting on a giant squid in pure insane Cordelia fashion.
    Nothing further is said about the Baskerville treasure or the special item that is supposed to help people get their Toys back. T__T

>Tantei Opera Milky Holmes PSP Update 2

>    Alright everyone, two more videos were released on the Milky Holmes Website. This time, I actually took the time to subtitle the videos. I tried my best, but I was still unable to translate everything correctly. If I was unsure of a line, I added an asterisk to the end of it. Make sure that when you watch, the subtitles are on.

>Tantei Opera Milky Holmes – 05 + 06


I watched two episodes today, so I’ve decided to combine them into one post instead of dividing them. Also, this screen shot looks like it would make a nice wallpaper! 😀

Episode 05

The girls are enjoying a nice day at the park, eating grilled mushrooms, as always. Herc is almost killed by a truck. If not for the help from Mary and Kate, she probably would’ve been killed!

Mary and Kate turn out to be Phantom Thieves! Oh the irony! They are on the hunt to capture Kamaboko when they run into Twenty on a date with a dakimakura of himself.

Mary and Kate eventually do capture Kamaboko, after a a bit of opera singing and some chatting with the girls of Milky Holmes. When the girls realize Kamaboko is missing, they set out to search for him. Sheryl runs in to G4. The G4 team now calls themselves G3, so I’m guessing that they’ve accepted that Kokoro is gone. Recall the kidnapping scene at the end of episode 4.

Episode 06

Well, I guess I was wrong. Kokoro is safe and sound. G4’s name must change dynamically depending on how many people they have with them at any given moment. I really would’ve loved to have seen more on the subject of the kidnapping.

In this episode, a princess with an uncanny resemblance to Sheryl shows up and asks for Sheryl to switch places with her for a day.

Sheryl accepts when the princess offers to give anything in return; Sheryl asks for a dehumidifier! 😀

The man the princess is supposed to marry is a total hentai! Yay! But Sheryl actually seems to be having fun torturing this man. Also… That cat tail… :3

After some life changing moments, the princess acts up the courage to tell the hentai that she doesn’t want to marry him. The now not-hentai prince instead confesses that he is actually in love with the princess’ grandmother. The two get married right then and there.

>Tantei Opera Milky Holmes – 04


    The episode starts out with Milky Holmes and G4 learning about a missing student case. Kokoro immediately kicks Milky Holmes out of their car, and the girls are depicted as fruits. Suggestive fruits.

    While looking for the lost girl, Sheryl gets whacked by a bear and is separated from the group.

    In an attempt to find Sheryl, the girls sneak out of their room but are distracted by a trail of suspicious bananas!

    In the end, everyone lives happily ever after. Except for Kokoro, who was knocked unconscious by Irene and apparently kidnapped. It was the funniest moment of the episode.

>Tantei Opera Milky Holmes PSP Update


     That’s right, an update! The Milky Holmes Website released a new video showing a nice scene. Just in case you are unable to follow what they are saying here is a bit of a summary. The group is deciding on the name of their team. Everyone agrees that it’s a good idea, but Sheryl decides to take it a step further and have everyone shout it out right then and there. Anyway, they apparently come up with the lewd yet lolitastic name Milky Holmes quite spontaneously, and the scene ends with a nice group shot.

     Based on this scene I’m guessing it’s safe to say that the PSP game’s events are stretching back before the events in the anime. We know that the girls of Genius4 are going to be in the game as well, so perhaps the game spans the anime’s story. However it is more likely that the game follows it’s own story altogether.

Stay tuned for more updates!

>Tantei Opera Milky Holmes – 03


    Yay! More lolis were introduced! The new team G4 clearly has some problems with Milky Holmes. In the new team, two lolis worth mentioning are the blonde haired genius girl and the computer savvy shy girl!

    Team G4 tricks Milky Holmes into thinking that performing this “twister”esque game will somehow bring their Toys back! How dare they trick them! Although, I’m not going to complain.

    Yes, Cordelia’s insanity has once again brought about some incredible misfortune for her.

    She found herself locked in a tomb of some sort with Twenty, also known as Stripper Sensei. Luckily, Herc was able to muster up her Toys in a miraculous moment of desperation. Unfortunately, her Toys has once again vanished immediately after the affair.