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>Make Sure You Look Around!


Well…. this is embarrassing. I thought I had searched BakaBT for a particular torrent, but didn’t see anything connected to it. So I decided to go to another website and just get the torrent. It started off slow and went slow the whole time. Well tonight I was going around and looking for trackers for this torrent so maybe I could get better speeds. Lo and Behold, after downloading this torrent for a week now and at 80%, I find out that BakaBT has this torrent but with a different fansub group. So I say, “Hmmm… I will download this and see if it goes any faster.” When I clicked resume on the BakaBT torrent (I have torrents paused by default)… IT SHOOTS TO 150 KB/s (about 20 KB/s below my max.) Needless to say, I was pissed, so I canceled the other download and deleted the files. Now this BakaBT torrent will be done before the other torrent was supposed to be, even at 80%. Moral of the story is, DOUBLE CHECK DOUBLE CHECK DOUBLE CHECK. That is all.



It’s been 2 weeks since i started the Maria-sama ga Miteru torrent. And after many angry nights and many why the hell is my connection so slow days it has finished. though I’ve seen the first 2 seasons, i still wanted them because i love this anime. though it didn’t get me at first. after about 5 episodes in is when the story caught my interest. Well, anyway i just thought i would let you guys know.

>Major Torrent Sites Down~


    About 24 hours ago, three major suppliers of anime torrents all went down at the same time. To me it’s pretty funny to imagine all of the mayhem this might have cause. Thankfully, I didn’t have to download any torrents last night.

    The sites in question are,,, and Apparently, the server failures were brought about by a power outage where the servers are located.

A major power outage hit the inner city of Stockholm on the night to Friday. Nearly 70,000 housholds were affected in mainly the central and northern parts of the city.

    All three of the sites are back up by now.