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>Change of Plans


Well there will be a slight change of plans for “Otaku Talk” this week which may affect the blog for this weekend. I will not be doing my top 10 Favorite Endings this week. Reason being…. I’m moving soon. I don’t know when i will have the internet back, so it may be a while before my videos show up again. I will do this week’s show, but it may be the last for a while. I will be reviewing E3 in this episode. Sorry for this inconvience to my fans and to my fellow bloggers.

>E3: DAY 1


Otaku Supreme:    Well, as the first day of E3 came to a close, there were many things I was excited for, many things that were meh, and many things that made me say WTF were you thinking. But, it was an overall good first day. Leaving me enough to not want to wait for Sony’s and Nintendo’s press conferences tomorrow. But enough about tomorrow, let us talk about today…


Otaku Supreme:    Well, to be completely honest, I didn’t see the Microsoft Event. I don’t know if G4 didn’t play it, but I did not see it with my own eyes. However i have read, seen, and heard enough about it to make my own opinion.
    First, They have changed the name of their Motion-Control entry from Natal to Kinect. Something about the name “Kinect” is not sitting with me right. I think the Natal name was better suited. That being said, Microsoft then showed off their products for use with Kinect. A title like Kinectimals. I didn’t get to see it, but me being a core player… no, just no.
   Strangely absent was Milo. Who is Milo you ask? At E3 2009, when Kinect was introduced to the world, Peter Molyneux brought us “Milo”, a boy avatar that you interacted with through Kinect.  To me it was the only thing interesting with the Kinect.
    A lot of core gamers were turned off by Kinect, me included. I just cant see myself being able to use it proficiently.
    The other big announcement from Microsoft was the XBOX 360 Slim (pictured above). It is a 250 GB with built-in wi-fi with a price point of $299. In my humble opinion, this does not look “slim”. It looks just as big as the old one. Though I do think it is set at a nice price as currently Sony’s 250 GB PS3 is set at $399.
    Other products shown at the MicroSoft event included:

  • Halo: Reach
  • Gears of War 3
  • Fable 3
  • Metal Gear Solid: Rising

    Out of those games my favorite seemed to Metal Gear Solid: Rising. The slicing action of the sword reminded me of the Afro Samurai game, but on a WHOLE different level. Being able to slice buildings and so so much more.
    That’s about all I know for Microsoft. and now on to some developers…

Otaku Supreme:    Well EA showed up and they showed up big. They started with a re-iteration of one of my favorites: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. The revamped game looks amazing and also has some cool multi-player functionality.
    Another game they showed was the sequel to everyone’s favorite horror game: Dead Space 2. Though the trailer was a little so-so to me, the arrival of the game was gladly appreciated. No mention of online multi-player, but I am hoping that it has some. 
    There was also an announcement of The Sims 3 coming to consoles. The showing of it looked fantastic and really made me want to buy the game, though i am not a fan of The Sims at all.
    Crysis 2 was also shown at the press event. and the graphics floored me. It was amazingly awesome. Though i never played the first one, this one looks like it will be fun.
    EA is also answering Activision’s Call of Duty with the showing of the new Medal of Honor. They lauded the wonderful multi-player experience by bringing out 24 people and have a match on stage. Dice handled the multi-player aspect of the game so expect it to be good.
    The Game out of nowhere for me was Bulletstorm. With it’s Borderlandesque graphics, it did some things that I have wanted to see in gaming for a long time. At one point, an enemy was picked up, pulled towards the player, kicked back, and then shot to death. All I can say is,  “WOW”. 
    The game that I think  was most highly anticipated though was Star Wars: The Old Republic. And they were NOT disappointed. What was shown was a CG trailer rather than actual in-game footage. But people were promised a Demo in the EA booth.
    They also showed some sports, but seeing as I am not a fan of it, I did not pay much attention to it.
    Now, some things I was hoping to see but didn’t. First and foremost is Mirror’s Edge 2. One of my favorite games, i fully expected some announcement about the sequel, but yet again I was disappointed. Another let down was no mention of Resistance 3. i expected to see it today since Insomniac recently entered EA’s Partners program. But I fully Expect to see it tomorrow at the Sony Conference.
Otaku Supreme:    I missed the first part of the show because of work, but I didn’t miss much.
    Up first (to my knowledge) was Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. It is the continuation of Ezio’s story in Italy. It looked nice with some new battle mechanics. I truly did enjoy the demo. And see all those assassins together gave me the feeling of, “This is gonna be bad ass.”
    Next was Shaun White: Skateboarding. This game looked pretty neat actually. It showed off a very customizable place to skate with good objectives. It wasn’t as bad as Tony Hawk: Ride.
    Then Ubisoft went through what i would like to call a seizure. The rest of the conference was so boring I almost stopped watching it, until…
    Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. The game I believe most people were looking forward to at the event. And it surely did not let us down. The demo was amazing and the new abilities that were shown made some fanboys cry. The game is back in first person, which a lot of people were happy about.
    Another game they showed was Rabbids: Travel in Time. The ever-entertaining rabbids are back and are now going back, even further, in time. I found the rabbids’ adventure to be thoroughly  enjoyable.
    At the end of the show, something very odd happened. Michael Jackson visited with a game for kids. Ok ok, i know its in bad taste. But seriously at the end Yves Guillemot showed us Michael Jackson and dancers showed up on stage. No one really knows what was going on.

Otaku Supreme:    Well, that was day one and not much went on today. Other than Bulletstorm, Dead Space 2, and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier nothing really stood out to me. But expect much more tomorrow from Sony and Nintendo.