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>Otaku Talk – Episode 16


I’m not dead yet. Just been really busy. so without further adieu…


>New Layout Atv-Oni-Ota 2.0

>So one day I told Onion that I was getting tired of our current format of our layouts, and we needed some sort of change. If you look at our previous layouts we generally changed the background, icons and banners and they had always looked good, but I was beginning to feel like just simply reskinning our site was getting a bit stale. So after a bit of talking back and forth, I had pitched a few ideas of what I wanted to go for (many of which Onion had to tell me were impossible) and Onion had a few ideas to accommodate the style I wanted. He came back with a genius style that looked completely different from our old style without writing a whole new template.

So what’s new in the version?

I decided to trim the fat from the sidebar and put it all into one bar. I felt they were cluttered and most stuff was becoming useless. It was completely working against the sleek look I wanted. (atvrcr)

New random backgrounds/banners. How cool is that, we have two right now with more coming soon.(Onion’s idea)

Chatbox has been placed above content.It’s out of the way yet easily accessible and doesn’t clutter the sidebars   (Onion)

and whatever else I am forgetting.

Onion did all the work, so if you enjoy this new style go thank him, he worked hard on it
. I only did the sidebar trimming and icons.

>Tantei Opera Milky Holmes PSP Update


     That’s right, an update! The Milky Holmes Website released a new video showing a nice scene. Just in case you are unable to follow what they are saying here is a bit of a summary. The group is deciding on the name of their team. Everyone agrees that it’s a good idea, but Sheryl decides to take it a step further and have everyone shout it out right then and there. Anyway, they apparently come up with the lewd yet lolitastic name Milky Holmes quite spontaneously, and the scene ends with a nice group shot.

     Based on this scene I’m guessing it’s safe to say that the PSP game’s events are stretching back before the events in the anime. We know that the girls of Genius4 are going to be in the game as well, so perhaps the game spans the anime’s story. However it is more likely that the game follows it’s own story altogether.

Stay tuned for more updates!