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>Hamtaro Ham Ham Heartbreak


Hamtaro Ham Ham Heartbreak, or H4, is a game made for only the manliest of men. This game has puzzles that rival that of Zelda. It has characters with an amount of depth that rivals Tales of Vesperia. It has a plot with an intensity to rival Valkyria Chronicles. Seriously.

I went ahead and tracked this down at a Gamestop a few miles from my house and went ahead and bought it. (And three other Gameboy Advance games because Gamestop is having a “buy 2 get 2 free” promotion.) My sister has this game too; I bought this game so that we can play together over summer break to see who can beat the game first. It’s gonna be fun.


>Ore no Imouto PSP Unboxing

>Yes! It finally arrived today! Exactly 2 weeks and 1 day after it shipped. I’m not going to do much talking; I’ll simply post the pictures for your viewing. I’m doing this because I want to go and play right now! I haven’t played yet! T__T Enjoy!

>Atvrcr – The Best Anime and Games of Each Year


This List Will Include Movies
Everything is based off what I can remember and my current feelings. I will probably look at it later and ask myself why its in the list but meh.

 Lets get on with this so I can go write my rant.

2000 FLCL
2001 Super Gals
2002 Ghost in the Shell -S.A.C.
2003 Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien
2004 Samurai Champloo
2005 Shakugan no Shana
2006 NANA
2007 Lucky star
2008 Clannad -After Story-
2009 Kimi ni Todoke
2010 The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya
(Based on US Release dates)
2000 Chrono Cross
2001 Final Fantasy Chronicles (because as far as I can remember 2001 was not that great of a year for rpgs and this brought us Chrono Trigger onto the Playstation
2002 Kingdom Hearts
2003 Xenosaga
2004 Star Ocean 3
2005 Lunar Dragon Song
2006 Tales of the Abyss
2007 Persona 3
2008 Tales of Vesperia
2009 Ar Tonelico II
2010 Resonance of Fate
-No Worst of for this type of list, Sorry Tonkun-

>Atvrcr – The Best Game Characters of the Decade


Yes I’m late, sue me. I had the angriest Christmas Eve of my life. You’ll see a rant about that in a few so yeah.
This list is extremely hard to put together because I can guarantee I will be like ah shit, I forgot about that person >.<
In no particular order as usual  
Noel Vermillion (BlazBlue)
Luca Truelywaath (Ar Tonelico II)
Rita Mordio (Tales of Vesperia)
Yukari Takeba (Persona 3)
Edy Nelson (Valkyria Chronicles)
Liliane Vehlendorf (Mana Khemia 2)
Ayane (Dead or Alive)
 even though she was introduced before 2000, she is still going to be in this list so deal with it
Yuri Lowell (Tales of Vesperia)
Maria Traydor (Star Ocean 3) 
Polka (Eternal Sonata)
-Worst Character –
As Request by Tonkun

Edward (Infinite Undiscovery) 
Fuck you, seriously man, fuck you.

>Atvrcr – The Best Games of 2010

>Before I start let me make this clear, all games featured in this list are based on US release dates.

The views and opinions expressed in this post do not necessarily reflect the views of Atv-Oni-Ota blah blah blah
I’ve played plenty of great games this year so it was a hard choice. You may notice that there are no FPS or racing games in this list. Let me get this out of the way first, if you say were is my Call of Duty or where is my Fallout… move the f*ck on, you aren’t going to find those in this here list.
Anyways lets get on with this thing.

1.Resonance of Fate
This game was absolutely amazing! Yes the game itself pretty simple as far as you go here and do this, then go here and do that, but the battle system is amazing. The characters were interesting, and although the story isn’t exactly totally engulfing, it is indeed enough to keep you interested. I give this the top spot because I thoroughly enjoyed every second while playing this game. It’s different, it was a gamble, and Tri-Ace lemme tell you what, it payed off.
2.Valkyria Chronicles II
I loved Valkyria Chronicles on PS3, so when I heard about this PSP sequel I was both excited and disappointed. Excited because more VC is awesome, disappointed because it’s on the PSP. So did the PSP gimp this game to make it not as enjoyable? Not by any means. It’s awesome to have VC on the go! Sure the story isn’t nearly as good as its PS3 predecessor but it is still amazing. If you have a PSP then go get this game now!

3.BlazBlue Continuum Shift
The best fighter out there has a sequel. Some small tweaks and some new modes make it even more amazing. The story is awesome, and yes it actually has a story. Go buy this people!
4.Atelier Rorona
Calm and relaxing, fun and entertaining. Rorona is awesome, the characteres are amusing, the game is good. If you want a plot heavy game then go somewhere else, but trust me this is enjoyable!
5.Agarest War
Hmm the naughty edition ftw! Oh and if you’re one of those people who are all like “this just uses fanservice to draw in the horny basement dwellers” then gtfo. Guess what!? This game is actually good! Battle system is good, nothing new but its solid. This game is essentially a grind fest but no so much as Cross Edge. You should definitely pick this up and put some nice hours into it.
-Worst of 2010-
As Requested by Tonkun
Final Fantasy XIII
Ok lets face it, this game is either heavily defended or heavily bashed. It looked beautiful, the battle system was alright, and the story was meh. Did I hate this with a passion? No. Did it meet my expectations? No. I both loved it and hated it. The reason that this is the worst game of the year for me is the fact that I felt the least overall satisfaction when I played it.

>And One More Thing…


Well if you didn’t know, The Spike Video Game Awards were last night. But if you missed them that’s all right. The only important thing you needed to see were World Premiere Trailers for some of your upcoming favorites. And luckily enough, I’m a nice enough guy to post the videos here on the blog. Enjoy! 😀


These were just my favorites. There were many more to be watched and you can click here to watch all of them. Needless to say, 2010 is going to be a exciting and expensive year. And I can’t wait.