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>Witch’s Wish – Review (Nintendo DS)


    So yes, the day after I posted that post about there being no copies of Witch’s Wish within 100 miles of me, I check the Gamestop website to find that a store about 15 minutes from me had the game. Anyway, I got it the other day, and I beat the story last night.

Overview: Witch’s Wish is basically an interactive anime on a DS. Let me explain. First, the game plays in chapters. It has 12 normal chapters and 1 chapter that you unlock after completing the game; much like a normal anime that comes with a special episode upon release. Second, each chapter takes anywhere from 15 to 35 minutes to complete. Third, you don’t really have much choices. The game pretty much flows along and asks you to do things that pretty much always lead to one outcome. But I’m not trying to say the game is bad. I’m just saying that it feels like an idea that was turned down as an anime and picked up as a Nintendo DS game haha. So then, let’s start the review!

*Some Notes: I had no means of taking decent screenshots, so I had to use my cell phone. But if you zoom in you can see the gaps in between the pixels. (That always amuses me…)  /  Also, I’ll try and stick to the layout Atvrcr used in his last game review because I’d be lost without it, so he gets credit for that. :D*

    Story: Vicky’s hometown is divided in half by a large wall. The northern side is where the rich people live. The magic Bureau is situated in the North and controls who gets to use magic. Naturally, they only allow the rich to use magic by fooling the people into thinking that using magic requires expensive lessons from the Magic School. Vicky lives on the Southern, poor side of town. The south side never gets any sun and nobody living there can use magic.

   One day Vicky’s grandmother gives her an old magic board(used for magics) and Vicky sets out upon the town with the intent of helping people with her newly acquired magic powers. But opposing her is the greed created by magic users who become corrupt when they start to use magic for everything.

    Characters: All of the female characters are pretty normal but still I fell in love with all of them. Except for Sasha. There’s Vicky-the main character, Sasha-the jerk, Chloe-the fantastic normal girl, Fiona-the ojou-sama, and much more. The male characters were all jerks. They were either corrupted with greed, busy fighting, or just plain stupid(Like the guy that picked a hot dog over his girlfriend). My favorite character by far was Chloe because she was the cutest and had the most lolitastic looks.Here is a picture of her next to the greatly hated Sasha.

    Gameplay: Gameplay is very straightforward. Vicky progresses through the story and gains more magic symbols to use and solve problems that present themselves to Vicky. The puzzles are generally simple but can sometimes be a hassle (Example – catching Sasha’s chicken). To use a spell, you simply tap your target, then tap your magic board and pick the spell you want to use. A transparent of the spell symbol is then placed on the bottom screen and you have to trace it. Failure to trace correctly will result in Vicky being hit by a puff of smoke.

    Battling: Battling is very much like playing a game of rock paper scissor except that there are five choices between fire, thunder, wind, water, and earth magic. Each type of magic has three levels of power and each level is a different symbol. When battling, the higher spell always wins. However if the spells are the same level then Earth > Water | Water > Fire | Fire > Wind | Wind > Thunder | Thunder > Earth. The first to win three out of five rounds is the winner.

    Spells: The spell are pretty fun to use. Water level 2 summons a pail of water and pours it on the target. Fire level 3 summons a fire dragon to attack the target. And at around chapter 10, when you gain the ability to combine spells; you can even summon a shinigami to attack the target. 

    Graphics: Besides the splendid character art for the lolis, the game also has multiple CG pics that are unlocked after completing a chapter. You can also unlock more by collecting hidden badges.

    Audio: Nothing special. Nice light tunes that fit the atmosphere of the game.

    Opinion: Cute characters, short game, and a not so serious storyline. This was pretty much the perfect game for me. Yes, I wanted more once it had finished, but I’m satisfied. 

    I’m not going to rate this. You’ll have to decide yourself based on what I’ve said. But please, go out and buy it. It’s a fun game. ^__^


>Witch’s Wish Availability Rant


    Well, Witch’s Wish has been released and I still haven’t gotten it. I’ve been thinking about buying it online but halfway through I stop and think of how long it’s going to take and that I can’t wait that long. However! This is just ridiculous because Witch’s Wish clearly isn’t coming to any retail stores near me any time soon. Here, take a look at this.

Gamestop’s page for Witch’s Wish:

    Nothing too strange, right? Even an awesomely reasonable $20.00 price tag only befitting of such an awesomely modest game as this. Well, that’s not the problem! Let’s zoom in shall we?!

That’s the problem. Still can’t see it??!


    There we go. Apparently gamestop thinks it’s funny to mess with my fragile feelings like this. I guess I’ll have to resort to buying online, after all…