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>Yutori – 09 Released!


Yeah, we’re speeding up a bit. Nothing amazing. Hopefully we can keep up the pace. Haha. Anyway, visit the Tondemonai Fansubs site for more info!

Yutori – 09 MKV Torrent

More choices at the Tonde Site


>Tondemonai Fansubs Quintuple Release!


    That’s right! It’s our biggest release yet! I don’t think anyone can imagine how excited I am over this right now. Our release consists of episodes 05, 06, and 07 of Yutori-chan and episodes 07 and 08 of Anyamaru Tantei Kiruminzuu. Head on over to the Tonde Fansubs Website to grab every episode, in every format, and leave a few comments too.

>Yutori-chan Episodes 01 and 02 Released!


    Yes indeed! Tondemonai Fansubs is on fire! Pumping out release after release! Anyway, this is Yutori-chan. It’s a nice show consisting of short episodes. Very funny stuff. Try it out. Seriously dude. Download this torrent.

Episode 1:

    Go visit Tondemonai Fansubs for direct download links, and the download links to episode 2 and the Opening.

   Here is the opening as I translated it. Encoding and karaoke effects done by Bluewolf963.