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>Trading Card Game~ Kagami TCG!!


Quick Description:
    Kagami TCG was inspired by my rage when I couldn’t find anywhere to buy anime trading cards that you can actually ‘battle’ with instead of just collecting.

    If you do download and use the cards, please comment about it.

This download contains every print page I ever made for Kagami TCG, the back print page, and a page with rules typed on it for reference. Each individual card is in .pdn format and it would be a horrible pain to upload.

Number of cards:36
Active: No (Although I could most likely easily pick this back up…)
Type: Collecting / Battling
Vintage: June 2009

Rules of Play:
    Kagami TCG is basically a fighting card game that utilizes different types of cards. There are character cards which are used to battle, and mahou cards which grant special additions and such.

Kagami TCG is very hard to explain. I made this page up previously with a list of rules on it because I knew I’d never be able to remember, so please look at it.

    Please feel free to make up your own rules for the game. Don’t let my madness stop you from enjoying the cards.

    When I printed these cards, I used a special paper that was supposed to work better specifcally with inkjet printers. I really could tell the difference. After printing the pages out in a double-sided manner, I proceeded to place them in clear, flimsy card holders.

    This is just one of the total 8 sheets, not including the back. To get all of the sheets, simply go and download the zip file located at the top of the post in the downloads section.

    I actually created a graphic for these cards that acted as a sort of ‘pack.’  I did this by simply printing it our and filling it with three or so cards before sealing it up with some tape before I handed them out to my brother and sister. This page is NOT included in the download, but if you really want it, you can always just copy this one.

    The pictures I used for these cards were random pictures that I found randomly through image searches. Although I must make a confession, the basic layout of the card was based on some other Japanese anime TCG layout and a I can’t recall what it’s name was. However rest assured, I still hand drew the card backgrounds by myself.


    No pictures at the moment. Sorry T_T

Last Comments:
     To me, this is my most thought out, most vibrant and graphically amazing trading card game I’ve ever made. The drawbacks are the confusing rules and the lack of cards. This is because making the cards took quite a while. Make sure you comment!

Original blog:
    Tedzukuri Anime Goods – Homemade Anime Trading Cards

Bonus Pics for Atv-Oni-Ota Only!:

>Zero no Tsukaima Cell Phone and Computer Voices


    Last week I downloaded the complete set of OSTs and character CDs for Zero no Tsukaima. Yesterday, I found a folder in there called “Zero no Tsukaima ~Futatsuki no Kishi~ Kanjiru CD – Louise Kirche Tabitha” What it contains is some super amazing voice effects that are to be used on your computer. Each of Louise, Tabitha, and Kirche have multiple lines in categories ranging from turning on your pc, receiving mail, warning sounds, emptying your recycle bin, and shuting down your pc.

    This made me excited because it can only fuel my amazingly incredible love for Louise. But there is also more you can do with the sounds. I actually took one of the voices for mail, turned it into a ring tone, and set it to play whenever I get a text message on my cell phone. I have to admit, the first time I heard it, I had forgotten about it and I thought someone was sneaking up on me in my basement… XD Anyway, here is one sample of the voice I chose:

>Onion’s Journal #1


    Aha, I’ve been being pretty lazy lately. I only just today actually got around to watching Otaku Talk episode 6. Sorry Otaku… I haven’t even been watching that much anime either, mostly because I’ve gotten into watching the reruns of Medium at 12:30 to 2:30 in the morning. And by that time, I just feel like going to bed and not even trying to turn my laptop back on.

     I have been translating Kirumin, but I get so horribly bored that I can’t stand it. Timing the episodes is killing me… I did make a cool new trading card game back on Friday, so I’m planning on posting that later. While I’m on the subject, I’ve decided to post any new things I make on this blog, but I also want a blog for archiving my older TCG games and such, so I’ve started making a blog for that specific purpose only. I am in no way going to spend less time here. Blog in Question: Tedzukuri Anime Goods

    My drawing is also suffering. I’ve gotten so lazy that I’m only spending about half the time I normally do to complete a drawing. I mean, yesterday I only drew a chibi, and today was just a complete failure…

    Ever since I heard that Triple Baka song that Atvrcr put on the playlist, I’ve been listening to it pretty much non-stop. I even found this hilarious animated video on youtube that just made me more addicted. Man, I wish I had/knew how to use vocaloid. Video in question:

    Good news, I managed to configure my PS3 Media Server to work without skipping. Yay!~ I was so happy that I cleaned my whole room, vacuumed, brought my PS3 up to my room, and set up a nice comfy chair in front of my tv. I usually watch an episode or two of Angelic Layer before I hit the Baka Wolf forums, watch Medium and pass out. I actually find it much more comfortable to watch anime on my TV rather than my laptop, even though my TV is like 15 years old. But still, it’s pretty giant. About the size of otaku’s TV I guess, but it’s 4:3. XD

    And so, that’s what I’ve been up to lately. I’m all caught up with the blog, and I think I’ll go add some sort of floating poll to the bottom left corner of the blog to vote on who’s Top Ten Opening list was best.


>Top Ten Anime Openings: 05 – 01 (Onion)


  The top five of my top ten. Take a look and be sure to vote.

5. Shakugan no Shana – Opening 2
(The first 15 seconds of the song are great. I listened to that part a lot when I first heard it.)

4. Sky Girls – Opening 1
(I always love listening to the “Sukui” part of the song at 1:05.)

3. Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou – Opening
(I can’t explain it, but for some reason I memorized this whole song without even trying…)

2. Zero no Tsukaima  – Opening 2
(Zero no Tsukaima is my favorite series, and Louise is my my favorite character, and favorite this and favorite that…)

1. Gakkou no Kaidan – Opening
(Just an all around great show with a fantastic opening. My favorite part is at 1:15 – 1:23 where all of the characters are in the field.)

    And that’s that. Make sure you vote, and thanks for stopping by.

Honorable Mentions!!~(In no particular order)
-Kodocha Op 1
-Eureka Seven Op 3
-Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun Op
-Nanatsuiro Drops Op
-Penguin Musume Op
-Higurashi Op 2
-Saki Op 1
-Kamichu Op
-Futakoi Alternative Op
-Chu-Bra Op

Vote for your favorite Opening here!