>Tondemonai Fansubs: Lotte no Omocha 01


This picture REALLY makes you wonder.

Yep, we finally released episode 1! A little off schedule because the karaoke took time. Tondemonai always goes for quality over speed. Lotte no Omocha is my first “official translation.” I say that because although Kirumin was a normal airing anime, it had mostly children in it, and thus I have deemed it a “children’s translation.” Lotte no Omocha on the other hand is a much more mainstream show with big words and confusing sentences. Nevertheless, the Tonde team worked their buts off to release this, so go and download it at the Tondemonai Website and enjoy!


>Black Sunrise

>Here is a very interesting trailer for an animated feature film, Black Sunrise, which displays an incredible amount of potential. It is not anime, it is not Japanese, but it certainly looks interesting, and I would love to watch it.

The film in production is by Nick Cross, a one-man studio who’s done a number of shorts, and has now decided to tackle a feature film. If you enjoyed the trailer (Or, even if you didn’t), I recommend you watch his short films (Yellow Cake, The Pig Farmer and The Waif of Persephone), to get an idea of what his stuff is like.

If you watched and enjoyed the trailer, or liked his shorts, I highly encourage you to donate here to his project. His end goal is $25,000, and he is asking for donations so that he can work on the feature full-time and not have to take on other projects to support himself. $25k might seem like a lot, but when you realize most feature length animated films usually have budgets upwards of $5 million (Toy Story 3 took 300 million iirc), $25k seems pretty small and very manageable.

I have no relation to Nick Cross at all. I’m just tired of seeing piss-poor corporate animation and entertainment. I want to see more intelligent animation, with a clear voice and purpose. I want to see animation that is not only breath-taking and beautiful, but also stimulates my mind and challenges me to think. And after watching his shorts, I have a great deal of faith in Nick and what he can do.

I want to see adult animation. Kids movies are good, and can be great fun, but I’m tired of how generic and throw-away most of it is becoming. I want something more. Yet at the same time, I’m sick of the “adult” animation that is produced relying on gratuitous violence or sexuality, lacking any thought and only eligible to be labeled “adult,” not because it is mature and sophisticated, but because it contains content no parent would want their kid to see. Persepolis isn’t adult because it contains a hardcore sex scene (which it doesn’t), and sure kids can watch it, but it’s “adult” because it’s mature, and has a sense of depth and insight to it that no child could grasp.

Nick Cross’ shorts (as well as this film, most likely) do contain sexual and excessively violent content. But at the same time they have a clear voice, a reason for being produced other than the shock value of seeing a cartoon bleed out it’s eyes. These shorts contain important social commentary that is unseen in other animated properties. Sure, he balances it out, he gives you the bloodshed and sexual fanservice, but he doesn’t let that distract from the purpose of the work.

His donations are off to a great start, nearly 1/5th of the way there. And if a dozen more people give a couple ($10? $25?) bucks here and there, then he’ll reach the goal in no time. And, personally, I’d love to see this movie completed sooner than later.. I want to see an early 2012 release, not a projected release 3 years from now, you know?

Thanks for listening, I hope some of you guys will feel it’s within your interests to support this awesome artist, and hopefully in the decently-near-future we can all watch it and talk about how awesome it is.

>Kekkaishi [Anime Ended/Manga Ongoing]


This Manga, Kekkaishi is about a Junior High Student called Yoshimori Sumimura, and is known as a “Kekkaishi”; Demon-Hunters that excel in creating barriers around the demons, then destroying, or capturing them. At Night, Yoshimori has to take on his task as a Kekkaishi defeat/exterminate those demons crowding around his school. During the day, he has his own demons to battle, which is his grumpy grandfather and his addiction to sweets. His neighbour, and childhood friend Tokine Yukimura, which is another practitioner of the way of the Kekkai. Their two families are battling over who are the true practitioners.
Alright, being honest here, I know myself that this summary isn’t as captivating as the others, however I simply can’t think of any other way to summarize it due to the spoiler issues, and I dislike spoiling other people before they even start reading/watching the manga/anime.

Anyway, forgetting that, this manga, Kekkaishi, has actually been a consistent manga all through out, where they progress in the story with the same kind of feeling all over, however when they reach to the rising action towards the climax, it is extremely interesting, to the extent that i couldn’t stop reading until I finished that ark (i think it was almost 4 in the mourning =x. NOTE: Don’t follow my example!) It is also very interesting due to the facts that they don’t all stay the same from each battle, as in most common battle mangas, and they do not have cliche things like you would expect in a typical battle manga (ARGH I CAN’T SPOIL AGAIN!)

I personally rate this manga 9.5/10 due to the fact that if there is any romance in this, it has been quite subtle and didn’t really give me the full feeling as to what I have expected from a battle manga like this. Other than the subtle romance that is in this, I definitely recommend you guys check it out, and if it weren’t for the romance problem I would have probably left it as 10/10, oh well. This manga has a 51 anime series if you wanted to know, and the manga is still ongoing, and yes I am following it for those who wanted to know 🙂

>ChiiKaku 02


Ahoge, Ponytail, Blushing, Snow
(for more help with keywords, check the growing glossary at the bottom of this page)
   April 30, 2011 at 11:59pm

Submissions received for ChiiKaku 02 – 0

Just to remind anyone who may have forgotten, ChiiKaku is our version of a drawing competition.

In ChiiKaku, the main goal is for you, the artist, to submit a drawing that follows all of the criteria for that particular competition. These criteria are most usually the keywords. ChiiKaku is all about the keywords(themes). For every competition, an amount of keywords will be revealed at the start of the competition. Each of the keywords must be incorporated into the drawing in some way. For instance, if one of the keywords is ribbon, then a ribbon should be incorporated into your drawing. If one or more keywords are not incorporated into the drawing, then your drawing will not be accepted.

Submissions should be sent to the Atv-Oni-Ota e-mail before the deadline. Our e-mail is atv-oni-ota@hotmail.com. Submissions will not be accepted after the deadline. Please include “ChiiKaku” or “atv-oni-ota” in the e-mail header. If something to identify the e-mail is not present, odds are high that it will be ignored.

After the deadline is over, a new post will be made featuring the candidate drawings in anonymous fashion. There will then be a voting period that will run for a number of days. After the polls close, the winner is decided and he or she will forever be preserved in the ChiiKaku Winner’s Gallery.

So that’s really it for the rules. I’m sure I forgot something, but that’s why we have the About ChiKaku page. Go check out that page for more information about ChiiKaku.



Well I finally started to invest in some gear for my DJ setup and well my first thing is the APC40
This retails at $300 for a board with buttons, knobs, and faders….. loool But it’s built like a tank!

Even though it’s $300 it’s only $75 for 4 months till paid off so it’s one hell of a deal.
This gives me the control I need for what I do in mixing.
The video shows why.

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