>Honorable Mention: Kanamemo – 03


    Synopsis: In Kanamemo 03, in an attempt to get more newspaper subscribers, Kana practices her smile.
Kana’s original smile:

After practicing all day, the new and improved Kana:

    The best thing about this scene is when Kana actually says “Smile.” She says it in english and at just the right time to crack me up.


>Onion’s Weekly Art Gallery 3


    Welcome. You have just left your dimension and one of two things has happened to you. You’ve either stepped into one of Clephas’s many stomach dimensions, or you’ve wondered into another one of Onion’s Weekly Art Galleries. Either way, pain is sure to rain down upon your unsuspecting self…

Before I trail any more off topic, my 3rd Weekly Gallery!

(Click Images to zoom in and see captions. Right click and ‘open in new tab/window’ to view full size.)

Sunday: 4/25/10

Monday: 4/26/10

Tuesday: 4/27/10

Wednesday: 4/28/10

    I think I’m starting to lose my drawing powers again. This happens every few months; I usually fix it by taking about a month off from drawing, but I don’t really want to go on a hiatus this time…

As always,
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>10 Shows That Could Have Been Licensed Instead of Dance in the Vampire Bund


Ok so a while back most of you heard about Baka Test and Vampire Bund getting licensed by Funi right? Well I personally think picking up Baka Test is a brilliant idea, but I don’t feel quite the same about Dance in the Vampire Bund. I personally think that it just can’t be marketed to a crowd that will generate the numbers to produce a profit. Anyways I think that this will blow up in their face and they will take a loss. Here are 10 shows that they should have licensed instead (in no particular order)

1. K-ON season 1 –
Lets face it, love it or hate it (I personally love it) this show is popular and would sell copies like crazy, and you could generate even more money by bundling it up in an LE with a OST or something (like Haruhi).  Could milk even more off of the Bluray versions

2. Kimi Ni Todoke –
A romance show is always good, although there’s a good chance Shoujo Beat will pick it up, you should have grabbed it.

3. Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kai 
You have been selling season 1 decently enough to warrant getting the second, so whats the hold up?

4. Kodocha (2nd half)
Even though sells were low for the first 51 eps, this would have probably generated more money than Vampire Bund. Also the reason for low sells was the fact that you were selling discs with 4 eps on them, and they weren’t cheap. Notice how sells go up when you release a boxset instead?

5. Shakugan no Shana II
Seriously this is another show that you saved from geneon, now its time to license the next season, there are plenty of people who want it.

6. Chaos; Head
While not quite the best anime, it definitely has more potential that Vampire Bund

7. Hyakko
This seems like a show that would be right up you alley and is marketable to a wider audience. Comedy and moe generally = sales.

8. Kara no Kyoukai
A movie series that you could sell at $20-30 a pop, seems like a win-win for you

9. Minami-ke
Another comedy show that would seem like an obvious choice. People would definitely buy atleasst season 1 in a boxset….seriously >.>

10.  To aru Majutsu no Index/ Railgun
I believe that both seasons would sell. You can market it in a variety of ways (comedy, action, drama)

No this isn’t my license wishlist, I just believe that these would be far more suitable choices, maybe they tried but couldn’t get some of them. Anyways do you all agree?

And a nice lil added bonus for you all

>Yesh Naughty Edition FTW

>I picked it up and am about to jump in to it here in a min. Funny story though, I  went in, had to go through all the gamestop crap to pick it up, well then the guy looks at me, grabs it out of the drawer, then looks at me again. At first I was like ummm….Hi, then he just kept doing quick glances back and forth which made me start feeling uncomfortable. If I were in an anime I would have the big sweat drop on the side of my head at this point. Anyways he finally slid the game across the counter towards me, and he said “Enjoy your anime porn.”

He was looked at the side and saw the sausage-san pic and was like “How did they get this to be rated T”, I just said, “haha, it’s not as bad as it looks, aksys just marketed the hell out of the “Naughtyness” of it.”
I took it back out to my truck and was looking at the box for a few mins and sent a pic of it to Muzic. THen I glance up and see a guy that looked like he was in his mid-30’s coming out of the store, looking all secretive. What do I see halfway tucked in his jacket, yeah you guessed it… the same box. He hops in his truck and his girlfriend or wife was in there with him it appeared and he was talking to her for a bit and she was pointing at the box….it didn’t appear to be a very happy conversation either. Today has been good so far xD

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>Amae Koromo Figure


    Amae Koromo, delicious genius loli from supernatural lightning and mahjong anime Saki appears here in figure mode. The figure is by Alter and is scheduled to be released in August!

    That flowing pink dress, that sumptuous ribbon on her chest, those frilly knee socks, and those innocent eyes!!! This figure has just been added to my “Buy as soon as you have money” list. I must have this.
(Picture via Hobby Search)

>PSP Revival – Toradora Portable Addiction


   After months of collecting dust next to my bed, I decided to reinstate my psp! Really, I’m amazed at how much more stuff this thing can do and how much nicer the screen is compared to the ds. Haha, after weeks of playing Pokemon Heart Gold.

   Way back when, after watching Toradora, I became inspired to buy the Toradora Portable game because I had turned into such an intense Taiga fan. (This was back when the game had just come out.) My only problem was that, at the time, I didn’t have a psp, and I was like $30 short of being able to buy one. So there I was, with a Toradora Portable game in the mail and no psp to play it on… T_T In the end, I was able to get a psp but the delivery was late. I went on a three day trip to the shore without any games for my new psp.

    Now, on to the Toradora Portable part of this post. Toradora Portable is basically a visual novel with all of the characters from the anime. It’s fully voiced by the same cast from the anime, which is nice because I’m no good with kanji, and because Kugimiya Rie is the best loli VA ever. The story has nothing at all to do with the story from anime as far as I can tell. Ryujii wakes up with amnesia one day and the awesomeness follows. In addition to the main visual novel, multiple mini games are included. There’s a pong-type game, which gets horribly boring, a 2d platform scrolling fight game, which is pretty impossible to beat, and some kind of interactive clock. There may be more, but I wouldn’t know since I didn’t buy the special edition. The box says there are 120 CG, but I’ve only seen about 4 so far. Haha, I fail.

   When I bought Toradora Portable, I don’t remember playing it that much. But since the other day, I’ve been playing it like crazy. It may have something to do with the fact that I know much more Japanese than I did before, but I can’t be sure. I never stay interested in a game for long…

    Nonetheless, Toradora is a great game that should be played by any fan of lolis, Taiga, or Toradora as well as people who have never seen the anime.

Toradora Portable Rating: 8.5/10