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>Good news to you guys on PSN :)


Alright, hopefully most of you already noticed, but the PSN has been down for approximately 1 week and 1/2, almost 2 weeks. However, it seems that the PSN will be coming back soon as stated here


>New Layout Atv-Oni-Ota 2.0

>So one day I told Onion that I was getting tired of our current format of our layouts, and we needed some sort of change. If you look at our previous layouts we generally changed the background, icons and banners and they had always looked good, but I was beginning to feel like just simply reskinning our site was getting a bit stale. So after a bit of talking back and forth, I had pitched a few ideas of what I wanted to go for (many of which Onion had to tell me were impossible) and Onion had a few ideas to accommodate the style I wanted. He came back with a genius style that looked completely different from our old style without writing a whole new template.

So what’s new in the version?

I decided to trim the fat from the sidebar and put it all into one bar. I felt they were cluttered and most stuff was becoming useless. It was completely working against the sleek look I wanted. (atvrcr)

New random backgrounds/banners. How cool is that, we have two right now with more coming soon.(Onion’s idea)

Chatbox has been placed above content.It’s out of the way yet easily accessible and doesn’t clutter the sidebars   (Onion)

and whatever else I am forgetting.

Onion did all the work, so if you enjoy this new style go thank him, he worked hard on it
. I only did the sidebar trimming and icons.

>Goodbye Anime…?


    According to Sankaku, a recently passed law is supposedly going to destroy anime as we know and love it by July 2011.

Tokyo’s ban on anime, manga and games featuring “virtual crimes” or which are “likely to interfere with the healthy development of youth” has passed after the DPJ agreed to support it.
The DPJ’s only addition to the critical portion of the law was a short rider which requests “prudent application of the law in light of any artistic, social, scientific or satirical merits the work might express” – it does not however add any legal obligation to consider these, or establish any clear or indepdently enforced criteria for judging whether a work can be declared “harmful” or not.
Even more bizarrely, the final draft actually removed a passage that imposed “a duty not to possess [photographic] child pornography” on Tokyo residents, whilst leaving the section banning erotic manga and anime (and explicitly excluding photographic materials) all but unchanged – that the bill is intended exclusively as an “anti-otaku” law seems to be beyond doubt.
It is very difficult to objectively assess the scope of the law – along with vague and subjective terms like “interfere with the healthy development of youth,” the law also includes “etc.” on the end of most of its examples, leaving it quite unclear, for example, whether the “improper glorification of illegal sexual activity, etc.” applies to only virtual sex crimes, or all crimes in general – presumably the interpretation adopted will be whichever is convenient to censors.
Similarly, the ban’s mention of “rape and other sexual acts which violate societal norms” seems inevitably to point to a ban on depictions of homosexuality, considering who was behind the law.
The generally expected form the law will take is that of a “amakudari” (a pervasive system of sinecures for retired bureaucrats) body which will inspect all anime, manga and games, with only those titles receiving approval as “healthy” able to be sold regularly in Tokyo shops – the rest will be relegated to the “adult corner.”
The most immediate and direct effect of the law will almost certainly be to see ecchi manga such as To Love-Ru, bishoujo titles such as Champion Red and most BL manga, as well as any seinen manga with especially mature themes, banned from general sales – presumably most will then be cancelled due to a lack of suitable magazine or tankobon distribution channels, with a few perhaps being resurrected as 18+ ero-manga.
As has already been seen, publishers will also likely be purging future anime, manga and games of any content liable to fall foul of the law, and removing older titles from distribution.
The law probably also spells the end of most late night anime in Tokyo (and by extension, everywhere else), which it would appear to ban under its distribution clause; given the vague wording of the current season alone it seems Ore no Imouto, Panty & Stocking, Yosuga, Sora no Otoshimono, Milky Holmes and others would all fall foul of its various stipulations.
There is also some doubt as to whether Comiket will be able to be held under the new regulations – if not, its cancellation or removal to another prefecture seems likely, although a lack of sufficiently large spaces may severely complicate this.
The law is expected to be signed into law on the 15th after an additional vote and then come into effect in July of 2011, so with magazine, tankobon, anime and game release schedules being what they are, it seems likely its effects will be felt much sooner; in a genuinely democratic state there might be scope to overturn it before then, but from what has been seen so far it seems unlikely publishers have the guts or savvy to do anything about it.

      Now I’m not entirely sure what this entails, but it sure doesn’t sound like good news. It sounds like all late night anime as we know it is going to be entirely removed and labeled as 18+. The same goes for manga.

    I have here a quotation from my friend Bluewolf963, a loyal denizen of Baka Wolf.

Well, I suppose I’ll give my opinion as directly and concisely as possible:
this is bull shit.
No, seriously, it is. Especially since it’s been proven time and again that such crimes occur less frequently in Japan, as opposed to other places that already have laws against such things. But hey, if they want to step backwards, it’s not like those of us in America can really do much about it. There would be serious repercussions if it affects Comiket, though. Comiket is big for the anime and manga industry, and hurting it would likely have a good impact on the industry as a whole.

      I completely agree with what Bluewolf963 says. This is just nonsense. People seriously need to stop screwing with people’s lives. I wonder if any of the people who are passing these laws have ever even watched anime before? It’s like colonization. Taking something without consent. Except in anime form.

    Also, does this mean that Atvrcr’s(I jest) precious loli scenes will soon disappear from anime? This law creates more questions than it answers, and clearly, I think it’s a bad idea. I’m hoping that there is some miracle that overturns the law in order to preserve otakuism as it is.

>Tondemonai Fansubs Revival


    Today I posted a very long and awesome post on the Tondemonai thread over at Baka-Wolf. Tondemonai Fansubs has been taking it easy lately and I’m trying to change that. I set my self a schedule that has me translating at least 5 minutes of anime per day in an attempt to keep myself perpetually active.

    And to make it more fun, I gave SealedTime permission to ban me from Baka-Wolf for an undisclosed amount of time if I fail to translate on any given day. I can sense that Tonde Subs is in for a grand Revival. Thanks for the encouragement everybody! Be sure to stop by the Tonde Subs website and check out our extensive list of quality improving releases! 😀

>Onion’s Great Return


    After about ten days, I’ve finally returned! As you probably know I’ve been in Florida on vacation with my parents, sister, and brother. I had fun, y’know, nothing super exciting or extra boring. It was right in the middle.

   Anyway, as you can imagine, I’ve got lots to say now that I’m back and I’m going to use this post to outline what I’ll be posting about in the next few days.

  • I plan to post a full walk through of my vacation. 
  • That episode 3 of Rainy Day should be releasing soon, but who knows.
  • I did some hilarious drawings in Florida, and that will appear in my Weekly Gallery this Friday.
  • I’ll also be doing a short review of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood which I finished over in Florida.

    So there you have it. Please look forward to the posting frenzy.

>Going on Vacation


    Well, what are the odds… Otaku is on a seven month leave. Atvrcr is going on a road trip, and I’m going on vacation to Florida. Atv-Oni-Ota will temporarily become Muz-Pan lol.

   I’ll be going to Florida on this Sunday at around 1:00pm and returning in like ten days I think. This is my third time going to Florida, and it will be the longest time I’ve been there. The only bad thing is that I’ve got to sleep in the same room with my family who goes to bed at 11pm while I go to sleep at around 4am every day T_T. Hopefully I can spend the few hours alone watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood on my ipod if I can get it to convert correctly 😀

    I don’t know if I’ll have a laptop with me or not, and even if I do, I don’t know how much the place we’re staying at charges for internet time, so it’s a mystery of whether I’ll be able to visit the blog or not. Until then, farewell.

>Onion’s Journal #1


    Aha, I’ve been being pretty lazy lately. I only just today actually got around to watching Otaku Talk episode 6. Sorry Otaku… I haven’t even been watching that much anime either, mostly because I’ve gotten into watching the reruns of Medium at 12:30 to 2:30 in the morning. And by that time, I just feel like going to bed and not even trying to turn my laptop back on.

     I have been translating Kirumin, but I get so horribly bored that I can’t stand it. Timing the episodes is killing me… I did make a cool new trading card game back on Friday, so I’m planning on posting that later. While I’m on the subject, I’ve decided to post any new things I make on this blog, but I also want a blog for archiving my older TCG games and such, so I’ve started making a blog for that specific purpose only. I am in no way going to spend less time here. Blog in Question: Tedzukuri Anime Goods

    My drawing is also suffering. I’ve gotten so lazy that I’m only spending about half the time I normally do to complete a drawing. I mean, yesterday I only drew a chibi, and today was just a complete failure…

    Ever since I heard that Triple Baka song that Atvrcr put on the playlist, I’ve been listening to it pretty much non-stop. I even found this hilarious animated video on youtube that just made me more addicted. Man, I wish I had/knew how to use vocaloid. Video in question:

    Good news, I managed to configure my PS3 Media Server to work without skipping. Yay!~ I was so happy that I cleaned my whole room, vacuumed, brought my PS3 up to my room, and set up a nice comfy chair in front of my tv. I usually watch an episode or two of Angelic Layer before I hit the Baka Wolf forums, watch Medium and pass out. I actually find it much more comfortable to watch anime on my TV rather than my laptop, even though my TV is like 15 years old. But still, it’s pretty giant. About the size of otaku’s TV I guess, but it’s 4:3. XD

    And so, that’s what I’ve been up to lately. I’m all caught up with the blog, and I think I’ll go add some sort of floating poll to the bottom left corner of the blog to vote on who’s Top Ten Opening list was best.