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>Top Ten Anime Openings: 05 – 01 (Onion)


  The top five of my top ten. Take a look and be sure to vote.

5. Shakugan no Shana – Opening 2
(The first 15 seconds of the song are great. I listened to that part a lot when I first heard it.)

4. Sky Girls – Opening 1
(I always love listening to the “Sukui” part of the song at 1:05.)

3. Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou – Opening
(I can’t explain it, but for some reason I memorized this whole song without even trying…)

2. Zero no Tsukaima  – Opening 2
(Zero no Tsukaima is my favorite series, and Louise is my my favorite character, and favorite this and favorite that…)

1. Gakkou no Kaidan – Opening
(Just an all around great show with a fantastic opening. My favorite part is at 1:15 – 1:23 where all of the characters are in the field.)

    And that’s that. Make sure you vote, and thanks for stopping by.

Honorable Mentions!!~(In no particular order)
-Kodocha Op 1
-Eureka Seven Op 3
-Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun Op
-Nanatsuiro Drops Op
-Penguin Musume Op
-Higurashi Op 2
-Saki Op 1
-Kamichu Op
-Futakoi Alternative Op
-Chu-Bra Op

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