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>No Bra Review


    No Bra follows the life of Masato! He’s living on his own, and he’s in either high school or University; I couldn’t quite figure out which. Anyway, one day, a cute and irresistibly charming girl named Yuki shows up at Masato’s apartment and claims to know Masato. Yuki ends up moving in with Masato. Just one problem: Yuki is a guy! The antics ensue in a very entertainable fashion. 😀

    One of my favorite things about this manga is that the story does develop quickly. This isn’t your typical “last forever back and forth harem”. Masato frequently makes choices, and consequences follow and this makes the manga have a nice pace and doesn’t leave the reader frustrated at all. So for those of you looking for something that has development instead of just endless harem madness, this can be a good choice for you. And at only 31 chapters, it’s not an extraordinary investment.

    Of course, my favorite character is Yuki. He is so cute and just as all the other characters in the manga say, “his charm is irresistable.” I also loved Hidepon. Not because of his personality or anything, but because of his immense size. It’s rare to see such a fat character in manga, and I loved this guy. The Sensei is a bit crazy and just a totally unrealistic character, but that’s what gives her her charm, I guess.

    The art is at a normal level. Somewhat more detailed than Lucu Lucu, yet not as detailed as something like Clear Qualia or Shibariya Komachi, but still very enjoyable. The only complaint I have has to do with Masato. Sometimes I jsut found him to be drawn strange, as well as his hair having absolutely no volume at all.

    In conclusion, yes, I would recommend this manga. The story progresses at a desirable pace, and the plot is funny at times, and tense at others; a very nice combination. I only have one warning for those who are thinking about checking this out: As you may have guessed, this manga does contain lot’s of boy on boy action. Nothing explicit, but nonetheless, it is there. So if you don’t like that stuff, you may want to stay away, but I really enjoyed the manga, but, well… I guess it’s because I don’t have a problem with the boy on boy stuff.

My Rating: 8 / 10

   I thought it was a great manga, and if I could erase my memory of it, I’d probably go and read it again. I know that makes no sense, but just make believe it did…