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>Bought a New Wii: Update!


    I’m posting this as a follow up to the last post for a little more insight into some random stuff.

   Originally, I wanted to buy myself something for my birthday. I knew my sister was going to get me the Harvest Moon Bazaar game that came out today, which meant that my old DS Lite, with the broken shoulder buttons, had to be upgraded. If you can’t use the shoulder buttons in a Harvest Moon game, you’re screwed. And coming out soon is the PokePark game for Wii, which meant that my Wii had to be replaced since it’s disc drive problems make it impossible to play any games.

   So my choice was to buy a Nintendo DS XL or a new Nintendo Wii.

   So yes, in the end I figured that I could still get along, however horribly, in Harvest Moon even without the shoulder buttons. And I instead opted to buy the Wii because it was something that could be played together and it can really be overall more fun for the family.

   Now’s the part in the post where I talk about the good news and the bad news.

   I didn’t know before I bought the new Wii that there was no way to transfer games bought from the Nintendo Shop to be transferred to a new Wii. This is because the games you buy are coded to your specific Wii instead of an account. I was pretty upset. That’s about $30 down the drain. And to make things worse, I went to copy my save files from the old Wii to an SD card today, and the Wii suddenly has no video or audio output. I tried it on two televisions and even tried using the new wire from the black Wii, but no luck. So now I have none of my save files… T__T

   My DS shoulder buttons have been broken for more than 3 years I think. Well, I remember playing Sonic Rush when the R button first started acting up, so around that time. Today(I don’t know why it took me so long to do this :/), I decided to do a search for methods of getting broken DS shoulder buttons to work again. The first link gives the most amazing trick.

    It says to cup your lips around the shoulder buttons and blow. Apparently it removes dirt that can be caught in between the contact point that can’t easily be reached. And what do you Know, it works like a charm. My DS is practically brand new. My sister was happy as well because her DSi R button had been malfunctioning and this solved her problem as well.

   And that’s the more in-depth story. Hope that cleared up any of the questions that I received in the thousands of comments that the last post got. Haha. Just kidding…


>My opinion of the Nintendo 3DS


    After searching around, I found a lot of websites that give the specs on the Nintendo 3DS but not too many that actually give a personal opinion about it. So, I’ll attempt to convey my own opinion of the 3DS in this post.

    I myself have owned an original DS, and currently have a DS Lite. I don’t own a DSi, but both my brother and sister have a DSi, so I can try and compare to that if I have to.

DIMENSIONS (when closed)
5.3 inches x 2.9 inches x 0.8 inches

    Sounds fine, sounds fine. Sure I can imaging how that looks, but really without a tape measure, I’m pretty lost. I saw the 3DS’s during E3 on the television, and it looked to be a fair size.

8 ounces

    Sounds fine I guess. I actually hate the way everything is going towards lightness. I like my electronic products to have substantial weight to them.

3.52 inch widescreen display / 800×240 resolution (400 pixels for each eye during 3D gameplay)

    They say 800×240 resolution, but this is just annoying. Just because the games are in 3D, it doesn’t magically make 400 more pixels appear. This can be said for any screen, as long as the person looking at it has at least 2 eyes…

3.02 inch touch-screen display / 320×240 resolution

    Not bad. As long as it beats the DS Lite’s 256 x 192 resolution, I’ll be happy.

Three cameras, two on outer casing, one above top screen / 640×480 resolution (0.3 megapixel)

    It’s cool that they’re putting two cameras on the outside of the 3DS. This gives players one more way to have fun with the 3D features.

Cartridge slot for both 3DS and DS cards (3DS cards have a 2GB capacity “at launch”, suggesting larger sizes to come) / SD memory card slot

    Another good thing. Giving the 3DS the ability to play DS games is very nice indeed. If only it could take the DS games and make them 3D xD.

2.4ghz / 802.11 wi-fi / Can communicate with other consoles or internet when in sleep mode / wireless can be switched off to preserve battery life

    Very nice. The ability to communicate even while in sleep mode is sort of scary though, and at the same time, pretty awesome. I wonder if they’ll have some way to alert the owner if another 3DS user comes within range or something.

Touch-screen / D-pad / 360-degree “Slide Pad” (the analog stick) / motion sensor / gyro sensor / 3D “depth slider” can reduce (or even disable) 3D effects in games

    The “Slide Pad” is going to add a lot of control, although it’s going to be weird adjusting from the layout on the PSP. The ability to change the 3D effect is a splendid idea, because I’m sure there are people out there who want the games, but hate 3D. Although that is not me :D.

4-inch stylus (when full extended)

Stereo speakers (includes stereo headphone out jack)

Lithium ion battery (lifespan details TBA)

    Standard stuff here.

    So yes, odds are high that I’ll be purchasing a Nintendo 3DS. I’m psyched for the graphics and the internet capabilities. Can’t wait for the release!