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>The Truth About Kingdom Hearts.


I don’t think there is a single person around who hasn’t played or at least heard about this series. Here’s the thing though, people hold it up on way to high of a pedestal.  As a game that is full of Disney, you can’t get much better than this. Square-Enix did a phenomenal job putting this together and even being able to throw their own plot into it. 

The first game was cool, but I think the second one was much much better and felt a bit more mature (as if that makes sense with a game full of Disney characters).

Let’s dissect this though. When you pull everything about this game apart, it doesn’t feel as amazing as it did before.

Look at the story, when you actually think about it, the plot isn’t really all that. Bascially the plots are only at the beginning and towards the end of the games, with various bits thrown in here and there. A majority of the game is “Oh no, we are Disney characters and shadows are running rampant!” Every now and then you have the games own original storyline that ties it all together thrown in, and that’s where it actually shines. 
 Unfortunately there isn’t a huge amount of it going on.  I mean don’t get me wrong I am not saying this is plotless or anything, but compared to other JRPG’s, it feels lacking.

Honestly can you tell me that you were more excited to liberate the Disney worlds from shadows, than to find out how Sora was going to find Kairi and fight Organization XIII?

Listen, I am not trying to bash the game, in fact I love them, but when people come to me and say “This is a game that is a classic”, it kind of makes me sick. A classic is something that people are going to discover years down the road when the game has outdated graphics, outdated controls, on an outdated system, and they will still be  in aw. Lunar SSS, Star Ocean 2, Final Fantasy 6, sure. Kingdom Hearts? Classic? Nah, I think the word you are looking for is Nostalgic. Because when it comes down to it, all you have is a decently fun game with minimal story and hack-n-slash elements.

To be clear, I am not bashing the game. If you like it then more power to you. This is all my opinion.