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>Small Haul 2/9/11

>Went on a small shopping trip (actually one of these I had bought a few weeks ago but I’ll show it anyways

 Spiral 12,13, and 14 as well as the 3rd Spice and Wolf Novel


For those of you who want to see the shit version of S&W you can see below  


>Way to go Barnes and Noble

>So recently I have fallen somewhat behind on buying manga, I decided I had to go and buy the volumes of Spiral I am missing while I have the money.
Reason why I chose this over some of the other stuff I am behind with is for two reason: 1. I love the series more than anything else I am reading right now, and 2. I am afraid it is going to have a short print run so I want to be sure to get them all. I take a quick look at my shelf and see that I am missing 12, 13, and 14. On Monday I decided I would go ahead and get them, well my bank is already closed so I can’t go deposit money I have in hand. Well looks like buying them online is out of the option and if I procrastinate I will end up spending my money on something else >.<

Well to hell with it I’ll go down to Barnes and Noble and place an order for them (I already assumed they wouldn’t have them in stock since they didn’t last time I was there). Yeah I’ve had some problems doing this before but I can give them another shot. I get there, do a quick check to see if they have restocked the series yet, nope but they did sell a majority of the other volumes (when I went there to buy the 3rd Spice and Wolf Novel they had several copies of volume 11 and a single copy of vol 1-4 and 7-10) and now they only had volumes 1-3. But I’m getting off track x_X

Anyways I go to the desk place my order and ask how long until they will be there. She says within 4-5 business days. Ok good I figure it will most likely be here on Saturday. Well this morning (Friday) I get a call from them saying that my order has arrived. Sweet! I drive down there and she hands me a single book…. Umm there are supposed to be 3.” Oh those haven’t arrived, it says they should arrive around the 8th or so but it can take longer.” Wtf. Ok so I’m not so pissed about the fact that it may get here a little bit late (although it does irritate me a bit). What really pisses me off is that they would tell me that my order is there not “partial order”. Why not wait until everything arrives >.>  As a matter of fact, why weren’t these things shipped together?

FFS I wasted gas driving my ass there not to mention time. Hell it’s kind of irritating thinking that I have to wait until the 8th solely based on the fact that I could have put money in the bank Tuesday, it would become available to me Wednesday and then ordered through Amazon and still received my entire order before the 8th >.<

I didn’t mind giving them another shot because I like getting manga there when I can so they will keep stocking the shelves. But in all honesty I think this will be the last time I do so. Word of advice B&N; don’t be inefficient, ship my stuff together, don’t waste my time, I don’t want a morning call if you don’t have all my shit in hand, and get your shit together, I want a realistic time frame don’t tell me 4-5 days when it can mean 4-5 day or 4-?? days.

Reason the last thing irritates me so much is because like I said I had trouble with them before. I had ordered Shugo Chara 2&3 they told me the same thing but it didn’t arrive for 3 weeks and I ended up going out of state and buying it at Borders lol. I figured it was just a fluke that time, let’s see if they try to pull that shit again D: Seriously guys, come on.


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