>My First Real Manga Translation


    I wanted to try translating manga, but it wasn’t as easy as I thought. Looking on the internet, I couldn’t find any doujinshi with furigana. I need furigana because I still don’t now how to pronounce most kanji without looking them up and that would take some time to do. So, I decided to scan one of the stories in my Kannagi Anthology manga and translate that because it does indeed have furigana. Also, I’m pretty sure I made some mistakes because there are parts where it makes absolutely zero sense. Enjoy!

    Here is a zip fle with better resolution images for anyone that wants it:


>Really Microsoft?

>Let’s face it, your online experience has become less and less “superior” over the years. You don’t really offer a whole lot more than the PSN does on my PS3, yet I continue to pay for the service. I mean, when I hop on to XBL and play MW2 or whatever the hell I am playing, I don’t have a “better experience” it’s exactly the same. Basically the only thing I pay you for is for you to ban me if someone finds my gamertag offensive or my bio offensive, or if I curse during a game. Yet you have the fucking balls to be like “Oh hey there, we are going to increase the price of XBL.”

Sure it’s not really that much more, in fact an extra $10 per year is pocket change. I am not so much bitching about the fact that they are raising the price, more like the fact that they are raising the price when they offer nothing of value.

People always tell me “Well no one has a headset on PSN so its not really fun.” Really I don’t give a fuck if I can hear a bunch of pre-pubescent kids bitching and moaning when I headshot them. In fact I don’t even want those fucking brats on my Mature rated game.

“Well you’re paying for more and better content.” Ok lemme rundown the “better” content.

Last FM. Fuck that I use Pandora.

Twitter. I got a fucking phone you douches.

Facebook. Cant do half of the shit you can on normal facebook. The xbox version has about as much function as the one on my phone does.

Netflix. Got that on my PS3 and my computer, who the fuck cares.

ESPN (in the future). Who the fuck cares! They have a website.

Hulu Plus (in the future). I have to have a separate subscription for that so why would that make me happy. Who the fuck doesn’t have a laptop anyways.

I mean shit, if I could throw all that away and have my silver account play games online, I would in a heartbeat. But I can’t because MS is a greedy corporation.


>Hidamari Drawing Brigade


    Don’t let the paragraphs of text scare you! It’s really not that hard at all once you get the hang of it. For me It’s pretty much effortless. Why, I can- What? You want to know what this is? Well, then allow me to explain.

    The Hidamari Drawing Brigade is just a little thing I made up one day in an attempt to find more motivation to help me draw more. For me, the card works great. It sort of reminds me of grinding in an MMORPG to get level ups :P.

   Anyway, this card is used basically to keep track of how much you draw. Every time you draw, you gain a certain amount of points based on what you accomplished. And when you don’t draw, there is an experience penalty. Now, I’m not sure what other people will think of this, but It’s really been working for me.

   As of right now, I have 1286 experience points and am a level 50. This is after almost a year of drawing. I made the first prototype card back in October of 2009.

   All rules for the methods of gaining experience and such is all explained right on the card. Should any questions arise, please post a comment so I can make necessary adjustments.

   Here are the print pages. Right click and go to “view in new tab” to see them in full size. Just print the first one, take that same page, and print on the back to make the card. It’s simple. Let me know what you think.

    Of course, this card only covers the first 10 levels. Within the next few days, I hope to post cards that go all the way up to level 60.

>Posting Idea # 01

>As you know I am always looking for new ideas that can help me post stuff in the future. Since I will be starting up a new semester of college on the 30th, I will not have as much time to sit around and think of stuff (like I do that anyways lol). So basically here is an idea I had for a new filler? post type thing. Every so often I would post a new playlist onto this site. These playlist will be actual CD’s that I currently have in my truck. In other words, it will give you some insight on what I am listening to right now, these lists can range any genre of music. They will not always be one specific genre either, sometimes these will consist of anything from rock to japanese pop, or whatever.

Would this interest anyone?

>Bought a New Wii: Update!


    I’m posting this as a follow up to the last post for a little more insight into some random stuff.

   Originally, I wanted to buy myself something for my birthday. I knew my sister was going to get me the Harvest Moon Bazaar game that came out today, which meant that my old DS Lite, with the broken shoulder buttons, had to be upgraded. If you can’t use the shoulder buttons in a Harvest Moon game, you’re screwed. And coming out soon is the PokePark game for Wii, which meant that my Wii had to be replaced since it’s disc drive problems make it impossible to play any games.

   So my choice was to buy a Nintendo DS XL or a new Nintendo Wii.

   So yes, in the end I figured that I could still get along, however horribly, in Harvest Moon even without the shoulder buttons. And I instead opted to buy the Wii because it was something that could be played together and it can really be overall more fun for the family.

   Now’s the part in the post where I talk about the good news and the bad news.

   I didn’t know before I bought the new Wii that there was no way to transfer games bought from the Nintendo Shop to be transferred to a new Wii. This is because the games you buy are coded to your specific Wii instead of an account. I was pretty upset. That’s about $30 down the drain. And to make things worse, I went to copy my save files from the old Wii to an SD card today, and the Wii suddenly has no video or audio output. I tried it on two televisions and even tried using the new wire from the black Wii, but no luck. So now I have none of my save files… T__T

   My DS shoulder buttons have been broken for more than 3 years I think. Well, I remember playing Sonic Rush when the R button first started acting up, so around that time. Today(I don’t know why it took me so long to do this :/), I decided to do a search for methods of getting broken DS shoulder buttons to work again. The first link gives the most amazing trick.

    It says to cup your lips around the shoulder buttons and blow. Apparently it removes dirt that can be caught in between the contact point that can’t easily be reached. And what do you Know, it works like a charm. My DS is practically brand new. My sister was happy as well because her DSi R button had been malfunctioning and this solved her problem as well.

   And that’s the more in-depth story. Hope that cleared up any of the questions that I received in the thousands of comments that the last post got. Haha. Just kidding…

>Bought a New Wii


    My Wii has been busted for some time now. It was one of the Wiis sold early because I received it for Christmas that year. Maybe that has to do with it’s early failure?

    So yes, I bought a new Wii today and I still experience some horrible stomach pains whenever I think about the money I spent.

    But monies aside, I bought the Black Wii and it came packaged with the Wii Sports Resort game. The game where you fly the plane around is worth hours upon hours of mindless fun. It’s fun to fly randomly and then stall and do nosedives only to pick up at the last moment.

   I guess I’m satisfied. I mean, I really only bought this Wii so I can play Poke Park when it releases in the US. Can’t wait for that game.