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>Kodocha (Kodomo no Omocha) Ep #60 Thoughts


I had recently aquired  the second half of the series Kodocha (Kodomo no Omocha). I originally began watching the show on the Funimation Channel block on Colours TV on Dish Network around 3-5 years ago (I forget exactly but it was somewhere in that time frame). I instantly fell in love with it, so I bought the boxsets, and even the babbit boxset. Unfortunately Funimation only licensed episodes 1-52 so I would never get to see the second half of the series. Anywhoo as I said I am currently watching  episodes 53-102, and I just wanted to give my thoughts on a certain episode, to be more specific, episode 60.

There are times when watching an anime that you go “Ah so this is why I fell in love with this series!” This episode was one of those moments. I can’t believe how moving this episode is, how amazing this episode is, how brilliant this episode is. I instantly fell in love with the series all over again. Seriously.

This is one of those shows that is a 10/10 for me, and is one of my absolute favorite shows of all time.

Funimation, get your head out of your ass and license the second half already. If you have money to piss away on Dance in the Vampire Bund (a shit show btw)  then you can atleast have the decency to get the other 52 episodes of this series. I would love to see Laura Bailey play Sana once again, but even if you just released it subtitled, I, as well as other fans, would buy the dvd’s in a heartbeat.


>Wow, Lot’s of Licenses.

>Here are the ones I actually care about. This is good/bad >.> These are only the Anime Expo announcements, so I won’t be covering the other stuff.


Black Lagoon OVA – Bad, I kinda wanted them to wait until it was overe before they did

Shakugan Shana II, Movie, S OVA- Good, I say about damn time. Although I this can be bad, we’ll have to wait and see how it stacks up compared to the Geneon releases of season 1.

Serial Experiments Lain – Thank god, I would love to pick up this boxset.

To Aru Majutsu no Index – Release this on Bluray and I’ll be happy

To Aru Kakaku Railgun – Release this on Bluray and I’ll be happy


K-ON! – Gimme Blurays Bandai and I’ll buy them. Curious as to whether they will dub it or not. Not really interested in the dub except to see how they will handle it. It can be decent or horrible, most likely horrible, but we’ll have to wait and see.