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>Working!! Licensed by NISA


Umm yeah so like the title suggest, Working!! has been licensed. I received an email yesterday telling me that NISA had aquired the rights to this show. I don’t know if I am exactly thrilled about this. Since it’s NISA there won’t be a dub included and will be sub only, but that’s not what makes me unhappy. What pisses me off is the new name “Wagnaria”. Ok I get it, it’s the name of the restaurant the characters worked in in the show, but seriously fucking Wagnaria!? What was wrong with Working? Working sounds more like an appealing title.

It comes on 2 DVDs, I would have preferred 3 honestly. I am glad to be able to have the opportunity to pick up this title and have a hard copy for myself. I can’t help but to feel this title would have a much better chance in the hands of another company who would have dubbed it and been able to push it out to the casual audience. I mean it’s the perfect title for that audience. As usual the Premium set comes with a hardcover full color art book, if you want to pre-order it you can do it at the link below, release date is March 2011

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>Wow, Lot’s of Licenses.

>Here are the ones I actually care about. This is good/bad >.> These are only the Anime Expo announcements, so I won’t be covering the other stuff.


Black Lagoon OVA – Bad, I kinda wanted them to wait until it was overe before they did

Shakugan Shana II, Movie, S OVA- Good, I say about damn time. Although I this can be bad, we’ll have to wait and see how it stacks up compared to the Geneon releases of season 1.

Serial Experiments Lain – Thank god, I would love to pick up this boxset.

To Aru Majutsu no Index – Release this on Bluray and I’ll be happy

To Aru Kakaku Railgun – Release this on Bluray and I’ll be happy


K-ON! – Gimme Blurays Bandai and I’ll buy them. Curious as to whether they will dub it or not. Not really interested in the dub except to see how they will handle it. It can be decent or horrible, most likely horrible, but we’ll have to wait and see.