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>Tantei Opera Milky Holmes PSP Update 2

>    Alright everyone, two more videos were released on the Milky Holmes Website. This time, I actually took the time to subtitle the videos. I tried my best, but I was still unable to translate everything correctly. If I was unsure of a line, I added an asterisk to the end of it. Make sure that when you watch, the subtitles are on.

>Things I Want

>     This isn’t going to be one of those “I want this but don’t have enough money” posts. I’ve been saving my money diligently. And I will have enough to buy Christmas presents for my family, and still afford the 2 games I wanted! Ahh, yes. It is a very comforting feeling to know that I have hundreds of dollars to dish out on games from Japan. Anyway, onto the list!

1. Tantei Opera: Milky Holmes [Limited Edition]
Price tag: Around $100 I believe

    Mostly I want this game for the cuteness. The extreme loli cuteness. But I also want this game because I’ve fallen in love with the anime. I’ve visited the game’s official site and found some voice samples, and even the guys have voice samples included, so I’m guessing it is fully voiced and that is a big plus. Also, I’ve become somewhat of a Cordelia fan. So please respect my wishes and stay the crap away from her.

2. Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii wake ga Nai Portable [Limited Edition]
Price tag: Probably around like $120…

    I’m not that in love with the anime. Well, I am, but the hype around it sort of makes me want to not like it because I’m weird like that… But I do like seeing cute anime girls on my psp. I also like hearing them talk. I could care less about routes and item and such. I just want to hear the lolis talk and make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And neighbor-girl is super hot.

3. Flying Lessons
Price tag: Around $5000

    Alright, I can’t afford this one. But it would be a nice gift from Santa-san. Haven’t you ever wanted to fly? I’m dead serious. Ever since I saw Porco Rosso back when, I’ve wanted to fly a plane. A sea plane specifically :3

    So, leaving aside the flying lessons for a moment, I will most likely be getting both of these games. The odds are close to 100%.  Since many blogs seem to already be covering the Ore Imo PSP game, I’m going to continue to cover the Milky Holmes PSP game as I find more thing out about it. Check back often for any updates!

>Tantei Opera: Milky Holmes PSP


    Tantei Opera Milky Holmes is getting a PSP release. It will be an adventure game, which I’m guessing means a visual novel. It’s scheduled for a mid December release. The game’s homepage is here. Visit the Play Asia page here. Well, no matter what kind of game it is, if it’s fully voiced odds are high that I’ll buy this because of the cute art. More updates to follow as I track down more information.

>K-ON! Houkago Live!!

>    I don’t even normally like rhythm games, but for something as cute and moe as K-ON, I can make an exception. Sure, I’ve wanted the Hatsune Miku PSP game, but when that came out I had no money, and as time went on, I just decided not to get it. The one good thing about rhythm games is that they probably require very little to no knowledge of Japanese to play.

   The recently released gameplay video shows it all:

    I wasn’t too interested in the anime. I loved it, but I never actually even finished the first season. Seeing this video makes me want to finish the anime and buy this game at the same time. But, knowing me… No matter how badly I want it, at around $65.00, I’ll never be able to bring my self to buy it. The game is set for release on September 30th on PSP.